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I have three rates, which you can read about below. I update my site regularly to note all currently available rates in my practice. Clients choose their own rate based on what makes sense for them given their financial situation. All sessions are 60 minutes. Don’t hesitate if you have any questions! Please note, I am not able to take insurance. 


All sessions are online through video conferencing. I have not yet returned to in-person work, but have the intention to offer this again in the SE Portland area when a great new space is found.

Available Rates

$85 - I tend to struggle financially and/or work in customer service or a career with relatively low wages. It is a big deal for me to budget this amount of money for personal healing.

$100 - My income is reasonably secure. My basic needs are met, and I can invest in this healing work twice per month. 


$115 - My income is secure, I am able to go out to eat regularly, spend money on new projects and hobbies, etc. 






If you would like to get in touch over email, contact me through the form below! I'll be in touch soon. For new clients, having a conversation over the phone to share a bit about what you're going through and ask any questions you have is a great place to start. You can schedule this through the online booking link above. 

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