About Maggie

I am certified through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute as an SEP and trained with Steve Hoskinson, founder of Organic Intelligence (OI). I am an OI Mentor and former Coordinator of the Human Empowerment and Resiliency Training (HEART), which involves mentoring students through the personal and professional process of learning and integrating OI principles. My professional background is in Bodywork and Massage Therapy- I practiced Deep Tissue Therapy, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Medical Qigong beginning in 2008. For many years I was immersed in Buddhist practice and study, in ministerial training in the Lohan Order with my teacher Fa Jun Shakya. My personal interests include the study and practice of feminism, body trust, body and weight neutrality, deep ecology, animism, decolonization and indigenous perspectives, Chinese and Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, art and the creative process, social justice, Nonviolent Communication, conscious partnership, and a love of music and dance. I identify as queer and femme and see many LGBTQIA+ clients. Compassion, presence and attunement are my aims. 

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