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Boundaries and Self

A deep dive into the theory and practice of boundary-setting, and how this crucial life skill intersects with identity, worth & femme trauma

In this workshop you will: 


Share an intimate and in-person space with other delightful women and femmes.

Participate in experiential practice designed to flex the physical, mental and emotional muscles required for setting boundaries.

Examine the cultural and family contexts that condition our experience when it comes to personal needs, intuition, the body, desire, pleasure, and communication with ourselves and others. 

Learn about the human nervous system and trauma: how fight, flight and freeze operate, and how these states cause chronic issues and intersect with oppression.


Understand the dynamics of fight, flight and freeze's lesser-known relative: Tend and Befriend.

Engage in practices designed to strengthen the relationship to your own impulse and intuition, and why this is important.


Journal, share, lie on the floor, snack, and generally have a great time (for a class on something so challenging!), with room for all the feelings.

DATE TBD - Stay Tuned




This workshop will be held at a private location near downtown Milwaukie, OR. Location information to be sent upon registration.

LIMITED CLASS SIZE- register now to save your spot by filling out this form.

Questions? Give us a holler at

About the facilitator:

Maggie Truelove, SEP, CMT, is a Somatic Practitioner who helps restore healthful nervous system functioning after chronic stress or trauma, through dialogue, somatic and other forms of awareness, organic movement and gesture. Her training comes from practicing bodywork for over a decade, from the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, and from Organic Intelligence, in which she is a Mentor. Maggie is a long term study in a Buddhist tradition, a former teacher and Program Director for IMPACT Bay Area: a nonprofit org that teaches Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD), a women's circle facilitator, aspiring creative, booty shaker at Dance Church, and nature mystic. Cultural respect and systems thinking are very important to her, which means a passion for compassion and justice. Maggie is white, cis, queer-femme.

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