Nervous System-Based Coaching for  
Embodiment  Aliveness  Ease

Through somatics, mindfulness, movement, and compassionate presence, I help individuals and groups ground in their bodies and environments, connecting to authentic expression, energy and rest. 

My practice is influenced by years of experience and training in meditation and Buddhist studies, qi gong, Empowerment Self-Defense, a background in bodywork, Somatic Experiencing and nonprofit work. The modality I primarily use in my coaching is called Organic Intelligence. Organic Intelligence (OI) is a framework based in an understanding of the nervous system’s fundamental intelligence and complexity. In post-traumatic growth, we can feel tumbled by waves of chaos, and/or mired in stagnancy. The fight, flight, fawn and freeze stress responses are harmful when chronic, but with the right support, we can create the conditions for a new and different experience.  My role is to deeply respect where you are in the moment, while we work together to strengthen your very attention's ability to connect with here and now, recognize and "receive" inner and outer resources, and reclaim your full expression as a perfectly human being. I offer education on what we are doing and why, so you are empowered to work with these concepts and practices on your own. Nervous systems regulate themselves as best they can, even in chaotic, isolated or harmful conditions, but it is truly our birthright to experience peace, play, pleasure, joy, wonder, and love for self and other in this life. 

I work with people from a variety of backgrounds. We may be a good fit if you are:

  • Looking for support in shifting from overwhelm to settledness and empowerment

  • Interested in experiencing more simple, wholesome pleasure in life

  • In a healing or personal growth process and looking for a systems-informed practitioner 

  • Interested in personal guidance to explore embodiment or authentic movement  

  • A helping professional in need of your own quality support

  • Studying OI, and/or taking the End of Trauma Course 

  • A meditator or contemplative practitioner who seeks to deeply honor the body in your practice


In a session, clients and I engage in organic conversation, work with mindfulness practice, explore sensations, emotions, imagery,  gesture, and at times gentle, authentic movement (movement that comes from your experience, at the level of impulse). Learn more about OI-style coaching on the Coaching page or at

I am also a Somatic Experiencing® (SE) Practitioner. SE was developed by Peter Levine, PhD, in response to the question, "Why is it that animals in the wild face continual threat, but do not show the lasting, devastating symptoms of trauma that people do?" SE is taught to healing professionals across the globe. You can learn more about SE on the Coaching page or at the Somatic Experiencing International website.