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Body, Heart and Attention Liberation

creating space
in the body

increasing pleasure and ease


I'm Maggie Truelove.


I'm a Somatic Experiencing and Organic Intelligence Practitioner, and I help nervous systems thrive. 

Be supported in resolving chronic stress, developing empowerment and ease in body and mind, and cultivating pleasure through somatic process, mindfulness and nervous system regulation.



As an Organic Intelligence and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, I hold a healing space for nervous system processing and change. I am trained in how our bodies use, get stuck in and integrate the fight, flight, fawn and freeze responses, and how to approach and cultivate states of groundedness, connection, and integrity. This work empowers the intelligence of the body, supporting genuine expression and wellbeing through an approach that increases capacity and positive self (and other) regard. 

You may have hopes and dreams that feel unattainable because of the amount of effort, change or consistency they require. You may struggle to express yourself, experience symptoms related to a chronic fight or flight response, or have people-pleasing tendencies (a conditioned fawn response). You may have chronic tension, feel stuck in or dissociated from your body. You may have a hard time experiencing simple, wholesome pleasure. You may be looking to resolve stress based in past experiences, receive support in your mindfulness practice, or talk to someone about your evolving spiritual beliefs. 

The burdens, confusion and overwhelm we carry weigh heavy, and it is a privilege to help hold this weight with humility and compassion, and to help you re-orient and engage with what else may be possible.

My lens is anti-capitalist, anti-racist, feminist and queer, with particular focuses on body respect, fawners, attentional liberation through orientation (the "anti-mindfulness"), training in reparative movement/tracking impulse, and what I call compost spirituality.




Please note: I am going on leave from mid-August to mid-November, and am not accepting new clients until then.

Sessions are 60 minutes and take place over Zoom. I work with clients both short and long term, most often on a biweekly schedule. Folks are welcome to schedule intuitively.

My full rate is $110 per session. 
I offer a number of reduced rate sessions for those who cannot afford my full rate, please inquire for more information!

I do not take insurance.


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About Maggie

I grew up in Portland, OR, and have lived in Brooklyn, Oakland, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Humboldt County, CA. I was drawn to the healing arts early, and have experienced a great deal of liberation and symptom reduction through this journey. This process has included the modalities above, as well as, importantly, feminist and queer self-discovery and anti-racism education. Learning from indigenous perspectives, doing my own ancestry work, and studying decolonization are active and important in my life. I have dealt and worked personally with depression and the freeze response, anxiety, fear, shame, fawning/internalized patriarchy, rage, and creative blocks. I began my education in bodywork, movement and qi gong in 2007, in Buddhism and mindfulness in 2012, and in somatics and trauma resolution in 2013, and have been learning with leaders in the field since then (read more about my educational background below). I identify as queer and femme, and am white and middle class. My spiritual background involves longterm study and practice in a tradition that synthesized Daoism, Chan, and Nyingma Buddhism, and my intention for some years was to continue on with the goal of ordination into the priesthood. I left my (beloved) lineage in 2020, out of a commitment to integrity regarding my evolving beliefs, and to let go of association with any form of fundamentalism. I am a champion of "the fawn response" and the representation of appeasement/people-pleasing in somatic education. You can read the article I wrote about this and other writing here. I reside in ancestral homeland of the people of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Rhonde, along the Willamette River in Milwaukie, OR.


Somatic Experiencing International®

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Certification

Three year training in chronic stress resolution, somatics and post-traumatic growth

Somatic Experiencing International® Assistant & Session Provider

Teaching assistant for SE Practitioner Certification training and approved Beginning Year session provider 

The Heartwood Institute 

California Certified Massage Therapist, 2008-2018

1,000+ hour bodywork training, ten years clinical experience in Deep Tissue Therapy, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Tui Na and Medical Qigong

Ling Qi Dao Healing Arts 

Buddhist Studies and Ministerial Training, 2012-2019

Study and practice with spiritual mentor Rev. Fa Jun Shakya in Chan and Nyingma Buddhism, Taoism, qigong, yoga and kung fu


Course Assistant, Instructor and Program Director, 2015-2019

IMPACT is a women-led nonprofit organization that teaches Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) to women, girls and the LGBTQ community.

Organic Intelligence®

Human Empowerment and Enrichment Training Participant, Coordinator and Mentor

Three year training in nervous system regulation, interpersonal post-traumatic growth and coaching with Steve Hoskinson.

Organic Intelligence®

The End of Trauma Course (EOTC)

Participant and Course Moderator

10-week course in nervous system and attentional wellness, post-traumatic growth

School of Body-Mind Centering

Free the Vital Energy and Illuminating Presence of Your Spine: Explorations in Movement and Cellular Consciousness

8-week live online training in embodied anatomy with somatics elder Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen

School of Body-Mind Centering

Opening and Strengthening the Heart Through the Consciousness of Embodiment

8-week live online training in somatics and embodied anatomy 

Education + Background

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