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My expertise is in holding a deeply compassionate and respectful space for the processing and normalization of the human experience: suffering, tenderness, self-protection, sensations and emotions in the body, work with hope, identity, pleasure and joy, and matters of relational and spiritual fulfillment. I work with clients through two of the leading modalities in the somatic, resiliency and empowerment fields: Organic Intelligence® and Somatic Experiencing®. This work is of tremendous support to the nervous system in the process of post-traumatic growth, cultivating resilience and fluidity in relationship to oneself, one's environment and one's body, and connecting with direct experiences of peace, ease, aliveness, creativity, compassion, self-love and body trust.

I work with folks from a variety of backgrounds- some who have experienced trauma such as abuse or neglect, and many who suffer burdens related to our often isolating modern culture.  An expertise in somatics and the nervous system and a high regard for the sovereignty and personal journeys of my clients empower my practice. The maps provided by the modalities I work with are both organic and offer a clear path in healing and empowerment. In a session together, clients and I talk, connect, explore imagery, feelings, sensations, gestures, mindfulness, and at times work with (small, authentic) movement.


Somatic Experiencing® (SE) was developed by Peter Levine, PhD, in response to the question, "Why is it that animals in the wild face continual threat, but do not show the lasting, devastating symptoms of trauma that people do?" We now understand that humans also have the ability to restore this wellness—under the right conditions and with the right support. SE is taught to healing professionals across the globe. Click on the ABOUT page, or visit the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute's website for more info:

Organic Intelligence® (OI) is a unique theory and clinical practice of human empowerment, trauma-safe mindfulness and compassion, that supports the resolution of the devastating effects of chronic stress. This approach is designed to gently increase an individual's attentional flexibility to receive novel signals from the here-and-now environment, to establish what we call "orientation", implicitly telling the brain we are safe. The practice and experience of orientation, which means connection to the environment through the senses, increases one's capacity to experience both pleasurable and self-protective (fight, flight, freeze, fawn) energies in a way that is within one's "window of tolerance." The OI process is designed to support the physiological flexibility to experience positive states of healthy human pleasure, connection, and social engagement. Click on the ABOUT page, or visit for more info.